Our Story

My name is Brenda Rose. I am simply a woman with the courage to believe in a dream, trusting that the God who has given us this amazing opportunity has a bigger plan, and a story to write.  Together with my husband Skip Carver, and our extended family of Sons & Daughters of the King of Kings we are creating a place of healing & refreshment on the journey.

We believe that it is about the lives we touch in our everyday living.  Giving of who we are, Connecting with others, and sharing their story is a privilege.  

Sharing the journey in real ways is where the Gospel of Jesus really lives.  The Spirit of Christ changes lives when we share of ourselves and the gifts we have been given to touch lives in ways that make a difference.  It's not just rhetoric here.  

Together as a family of Believers we have been given the opportunity to breathe new purpose back into the former Guthrie County Home.  Historically it has always been a place where those in need found a place to call home.  

We feel The spirit of the Underground Railroad still resonating through the rolling hills of Guthrie County.  It reaches out and offers a place of refreshment & restoration on your journey.  When you take the time to come here and experience it for yourself you will know.  

As a Nurse Care Manager, I see the intrinsic benefit that comes from healing the heart & soul, as well as the physical health problems we sometimes face.  Oftentimes I see others lose their will to live before they actually die because they don't have a sense of purpose and grounding.  

Everything about Firefly Creek Ranch is about helping others to restore their spirit & soul at whatever their level of need is.  From gatherings of Families & Friends comes a deeper healing that strengthens us on this journey.  Spending real time with each other and putting the electronics aside takes us to a place of laughter, connecting, and grounding. It allows our bodies to naturally do what they know how to do when given the chance.  Heal. 

By giving new heart & purpose to our diverse farm property we have developed 8 Handicap Accessible Overnight Lodge type Bed & Breakfast accommodations that will accommodate larger gatherings of 15 or more, with an amazing cooking goddess commercial kitchen and activity room.  

By creatively using the diversity of our property and buildings we continue to develop new ways to bring healing & purpose to those who are led to be here.  

SPOILER ALERT!  We are adding Goat Yoga this Fall 2019 AND Breakfast Service Tuesday through Sunday

Through the use of this amazing farm we have developed a Farm Style Gathering & Retreat Center which supports simple affordable housing for those who have been led here to share the journey with us.  

Helping these folks to have a simple, stable place to call home gives them the grounding they need to face the bigger challenges in their lives. 

We have had the privilege to share the journey with many that found a sense of purpose and grounding in the time that they spend with us.  We hope that you will honor us with your story as well...

The Caretakers of this Amazing Adventure 

Brenda Rose, RN, Skip Carver, Keith Leslie, and our families

Come and experience refreshment for your soul! 

It is my privilege to return to the most beautiful County in the State of Iowa. Together with my husband Skip Carver, we have been given an amazing opportunity to develop the former Guthrie County Home into a Non-Profit Gathering & Retreat Center.

I believe that with the demands of our families and jobs,it is more important than ever to "Nurture your soul" in order to have the energy needed to go out and face the challenges of our daily lives.  I often tell the families we serve through Life Journeys, that they "must put on their own oxygen mask first" in order to have what it takes to help the others in your life who depend on you.  
Find us in the heart of Guthrie County at 
2345 Redwood Ave. Guthrie Center, IA. 

Just 3 miles West of Panora or 5 miles East of Guthrie Center. And just a bump South of West Lake Panorama. 

Turn South on Redwood Ave. 
1 mile to the top of the hill with the cool vintage water tower.  
Paved road all the way (DO NOT FOLLOW GPS) 
Call us for rates! 515-554-5489 [email protected]