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YouTube Links to more information about Human Trafficking

Discreet Hand Symbol for "I need help"

"Chosen" Trailer A story of a young nursing student who was being Romeo groomed

How to Spot Human Trafficking with Dr. Kanani Titchen

Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad explains the issue of Human Trafficking 

and How to Protect Your Children

Lauren Daigle "Rescue"

Atira Tan, The Art2Healing Project. Survivor of Asian Sex Trade



Changing the End of the Story Ministries


What Makes Us Different? 

We are a growing Partnership of Trauma Informed Registered Nurses, 

Pastoral Support, Attorneys, Professional Mental Health Counselors,

Equine Healing Programs, Animal Care Coaches, Lifeskills Mentors, and

Trauma Informed Law Enforcement Detectives

 committed to serving others who need extra help to move forward after 

Sexual trauma,  Exploitation, or Human Trafficking.  


The journey doesn't end with the rescue, 

deeper healing happens as the journey continues 

and the heart learns to trust and love again. 


#Aftercare #Advocacy #Human Trafficking Education & Awareness #Lifeskills #Self Confidence #Hope 

#Healing of Memories #Mind, Body, Spirit Healing 

#Trauma Informed Care Management


We also work together cooperatively with other Crisis Intervention Specialists, Human Trafficking Recovery Homes & Services who serve women who need emergency safe housing, younger women, 

and women who may be pregnant or have small children.   


For more information reach out to

Changing the End of the Story Ministries

Brenda Rose, RN  

515-554-5489 or

Pastor Marnie Miller 515-494-5427


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