Our Story

What Makes Us Different? 

Together as experienced women, nurses, and healers we are being led to 

Create a place of deeper emotional healing, resource, and refuge for mature women who have survived 

sexual assault, sexual exploitation, or human trafficking.  

We also work together cooperatively with other Human Trafficking Recovery Homes & Services who serve women who need emergency safe housing, younger women, and women who may have small children.  

We are a Social Enterprise of women changing the end of their stories.  Together we are finding new purpose and meaning while learning new Lifeskills. 

We believe that the body remembers trauma and it can affect emotional health and well being, and can even manifest itself into physical ailments.  

Facing these traumas and telling their story is important for the healing to begin.  

We offer Special Healing Workshops and retreats throughout the year at Firefly Creek Ranch.  These individual or small group sessions address specific concerns and serve women who are longing for a deeper healing. 

Our Gathering & Retreat center is the ideal place for small groups of overnight guests to come and enjoy a farm style experience with their family or small group of friends.  

Guests can bring their own food and enjoy using our beautiful commercial kitchen 

or order from the SideChicks Catering Menu

We invite women to come, as healers, as individuals seeking emotional healing, or in small gatherings, to learn & share in an experience that allows each woman's story to be heard and to make a difference.  


Brenda Rose, R.N and her Health Partners have created a whole health approach experience.  

Offering healing retreats for healers and groups of women searching for restoration of their 

emotional health & well being.  

**We respect COVID-19 precautions and have plenty of room to give everyone adequate space to be together safely in small groups.  Overnight guest accommodations for 8-10 in our retreat center. 

Out of respect to others we have plenty of space and try to focus many activities in the open air and sunshine, ...weather permitting in all seasons. 


The Ranch Gathering & 

Retreat Center

Brenda Rose, RN Founder of Firefly Creek Ranch, and Life Journeys Care Coordination and 

Susan Lunning, RN, Founder of Whole Health Way Health & Wellness Coaching have come together to create something greater for women who are on a journey of emotional healing & wellness.  We have a special heart and professional  experience working with women who have been through sexual trauma or human trafficking. Susan also specializes in care approaches for PTSD & head trauma. 




**See more about our retreats and Professional Colleagues below

SideChicks Catering at the Ranch

Homestyle Family Meals for Take Home

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with our new Sidechicks...Brandi Searl and Jamie Galivan.  It just makes more sense to bring our dreams together! 

2 amazing women with a passion for good home cooked food, 

+our gypsy kitchen= big hit

We have a special heart for family caregivers and busy parents who still want to serve basic good homestyle food for their families. They are simple everyday heroes and we want to make life a little easier by creating simple to heat tasty family meals TO GO.  

Start by checking out their Facebook page for menu updates then simply order ahead for pick up.  

515-755-2926 message line/ or 515-380-8120

Ask about delivery options for regular customers. 

Please visit their Facebook page for updated menu selections. 


Plan a date for your Family or Small Group Retreat 

What are you doing for yourself first so that you can be your best for others? 

How are you restoring your own strength so that you can hold it together for the rest of your family or tribe?  

Come to the Ranch and Create some Memories together as a group that is already connected

or ask about our specials during the week when you can come alone to re-connect with your inner voice! 

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Distances-1 hour from Des Moines, IA.    

30 min from Perry, Adel, Waukee, Grimes, Audubon, Jefferson.  

40 minutes from West Des Moines

Minutes from Panora and Guthrie Center, 

2hrs from Omaha

With 8 overnight Guest rooms, we love hosting overnights in small groups of 8-15.

Bring your tribe! **Ask about Special Rates for fewer guests and Non Profit Organizations

Basic Rates of just $49/person per night ($450 for groups of 10)

• Includes individual or shared room with sink and bathroom

• King, Queen, or double twin rooms (Some rooms also have sleeper sofas)

• Bring your own food, or ask about catered meals from our SideChicks Brandi & Jamie

• Certified Commercial Kitchen with Queen size marble island

• Professional Double Vulcan Gas Ovens with flat top grill

• Large Activity room with indoor spacious seating for up to 50.

• Outdoor deck patio and Campfire area.

• Additional space available for larger groups with tents.

• Peaceful countryside views without the sounds of the city included free of charge for all guests

Want to take it to the Next Level?

Add a Craft Workshop $25-35 per person (includes supplies)

• Kintsugi T-shirt Art

• Vintage window art

• Repurposed Glass Garden Art

• Miniature Landscape Gardens

• Art Journaling

• Baking Artesian breads with the Ranch SideChicks

• Special Holiday Baking and Cooking Mom/Dad/Kids workshops

Add a Guest Speaker $50 per person ($500 group fee)

Celeste Rose Beyoutiful Soul Body Image Consulting.

Celeste takes women on a journey to explore their body image perceptions and how to move past our former beliefs….

Celeste is Available for ongoing personal consultations after workshop. 

Visit her website at https://beyoutifulsoulcoaching.com/

Susan Lunning, BSN, RN The Whole Health Way Certified Transformational Life Coaching/ Reiki Practitioner/ Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Susan gives us a glimpse of what life can be like when we have the courage to follow our dreams and step into the life we were meant to lead. Mind/ Body/ Spirit coaching. Available for Dream Building or Life Mastery coaching after workshop. 

Visit her website at www.thewholehealthway.com

Brenda Rose, RN Life Journeys Care Coordination and Founder of Firefly Creek Ranch.

Brenda has a unique perspective that helps us to be kinder to ourselves while learning to embrace our inner strengths. Giving you ideas to help your ongoing exploration of your personal strengths, expressive creativity, values, and beliefs, while helping you to be the Author of your Own Story. ** Includes real tools for facing life’s challenges without drowning. 

Visit her other website at www.lifejourneysgcc.com

Free Human Trafficking Education & Awareness- if requested

Registered Nurses with real life experiences that go beyond traditional education, Brenda & Susan are available to speak to your organization about “How to Prevent Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” for a free will offering to Firefly Creek Ranch. Your donation supports the ongoing development of Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Education Programs for women who call the ranch home. Firefly Creek Ranch is a Farm Style Social Enterprise. Our purpose is to be an Aftercare and Lifeskills teaching center. Giving women confidence, hope, and a chance to be survivors rather than victims.

Total package for 2 night workshop with craft and speaker just $175/person or $200 with simple meals 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has-  Margaret Mead

Together we can make a difference!

Our Social Enterprise supports 

special events support the development of human trafficking community awareness, education, ranch operations, 

and to give women hope that they can dream again. 


Equine Assisted 


Being around horses is restorative, there is a healing energy that just happens and can't be explained.  

We are currently working with our own horses to develop their skills and our own.  Stay tuned for more to come...