Our Story

What Makes Us Different? 

Together as experienced women, nurses, and healers we are being led to 

Create a place of deeper emotional healing, resource, and refuge for mature women who have been through 

sexual assault, sexual exploitation, or human trafficking.  

We are not victims, we are THRIVERS making a difference together.

Together we are creating pathways for women who are ready to take their life to the next level, helping them to find a solid footing on the pathway of finding their own true north.  

We believe that the body remembers trauma and it can affect emotional well being and can even manifest itself into physical ailments.  Facing these traumas and telling the story is important for the healing to begin.  

We offer Special Healing Workshops and retreats throughout the year at Firefly Creek Ranch.  These individual or small group sessions address specific concerns and serve women who are longing for a deeper healing. 

Coming soon-Warriors & Wild Mustangs: Under the Stars Night.

Small groups coming together each week around the campfire to share our stories to give each other strength.

Our gathering & retreat center is the ideal place for small groups of overnight guests to come and enjoy an overnight experience with their family or small group of friends.  

Bring your own food and enjoy using our beautiful commercial kitchen to make your meals special.

Our Firefly Wellness Collective gives women access to learning more about different modalities of healing, and working together with naturopathic and whole health practitioners.  

We invite women to come, as healers, as individuals seeking emotional healing, or in small gatherings, to learn & share in an experience that allows each woman's story to be heard and to make a difference.  


Susan Lunning, R.N & Brenda Rose, R.N have created a whole health approach experience.  

Offering healing retreats for healers and groups of women searching for restoration of their 

emotional health & well being.  

**We respect COVID-19 precautions and have plenty of room to give everyone adequate space to be together safely in small groups.  Overnight guest accomodations for 8-10 in our retreat center. 

Out of respect to others we wear masks when in proximity, but try to focus many activities in the open air and sunshine weather permitting in all seasons. 


The Ranch Gathering & 

Retreat Center

Brenda Rose, RN Founder of Firefly Creek Ranch, and Life Journeys Care Coordination and 

Susan Lunning, RN, Founder of Whole Health Way Health & Wellness Coaching have come together to create something greater for women who are on a journey of emotional healing & wellness.  We have a special heart and professional  experience working with women who have been through sexual trauma or human trafficking. Susan also specializes in care approaches for PTSD & head trauma. 




**See more about our retreats and Professional Colleagues below

Dinners & More 

Farm to Table Family Meals

This is a special part of our healing pathway that allows women to come together to build confidence, learn new skills, and build healing relationships. Together we are creating simple farm to table meals and delivering simple good food to busy families.  

as a social enterprise, We have created pathways for learning new lifeskills that touches lives and makes a difference in simply profound ways. Examples of other social enterprises would be the Cafe at Thistle Farms, Freedom Coffee, Goodwill Industries, and the Boy Scouts,  

We have a special  heart for family caregivers.They are simple everyday heroes and we want to make life a little easier by creating simple to heat tasty family meals TO GO.  

Please visit our Facebook page for updated menu selections. 


Warriors and Wild Mustangs Under the Stars...Coming soon- Bi -monthly campfire and chat nights. Women coming together to tell their stories of triumph and tragedy in support of each other.  See events tab for details and dates.

Group Healing & Wellness Retreats Small group retreats of 8-10 women. A comprehensive view of mind, body, spirit whole health wellness. We are your outfitters on a journey, helping you take your healing to the next level.

Next Level Emotional Healing experiences that integrates a whole health approach. Creating individual pathways of healing that helps each woman to find her footing on solid ground again. 

Healing the Healer Retreats We offer a 1 day and special 3 day / 2 overnight retreat packages

focused programming support for nurses, caregivers, and other healthcare & first responders. 

As healers we have been called to something greater, there is something deeper that resonates in our spirit, and we understand things in ways that others someimes don't get. Together we have some real conversations about some of our most challenging moments in caring for our patients. Pending **CEU's will be offered as our program receives credentialing

Meet Brenda!  As an R.N care manager Brenda has learned how the well being of the whole family may include addressing family trauma issues.  Adult children caring for parents who may have been emotional or physical abusers can present a unique set of relationship and responsibility challenges.  Working with a professional with personal family trauma experience can make a difference for the whole family. 

Meet Susan! As an R.N certified transformational life coach and Reiki Master, Susan has taken her skills and has successfully helped many clients create pathways for real life change. Visit her website here https://thewholehealthway.com/

partnering with you on the journey as you take it to the next level.

As medical professionals we work with you to create an individual plan that articulates with other professional healers & practitioners.

  • Equine Therapists, 
  • Prescription cancer, anti-inflammatory & alkaline diet nutritionist consultation ,
  • Art Therapists,
  • Reiki,
  • Tapping,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Light Therapy,
  • Massage & Reflexology,
  • Collaboration with professional counseling, and more.

Meet our Hero Partners

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has-  Margaret Mead

Together we can make a difference!

Funds raised through our dinners & more meal delivery service,  

healing & retreat center, and special events support the development of human trafficking community awareness, education, ranch operations, and give women hope that they can dream again. 


Brenda Rose, RN

Firefly Creek Ranch Founder, Director

Together with our team of professionals we build relationships that help women who have experienced sexual trauma or Human Trafficking to find a deeper healing experience.  As a Nurse Care Manager my professional journey has taken me to new places to help women in more meaningful ways.  Together with Susan Lunning, RN we have come together to create an even greater experience for the women whose lives we touch.


Susan Lunning, RN

The Whole Health Way Health & Wellness Coaching

The Whole Health Way Mission

To serve, coach, heal, and support you. To treat everyone in an open, accepting, and compassionate way. To listen to your specific needs and desires. To be your source of education, guidance, and motivation. Most of all, I seek to be your advocate and partner throughout your journey to health and wellness.


Wayne Jones 

Kangen Water

Kangen pH balanced Alkaline Waters promote health and help gently detox the body from the inside out. 


Equine Assisted 


Being around horses is restorative, there is a healing energy that just happens and can't be explained.  

We are currently working with our own horses to develop their skills and our own.  Stay tuned for more to come...